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USA Parts and More is the best online appliance parts store in the United States. Each appliance part available at the online store is delivered to us by an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). It also tends to be completely brand new.

What our customers love most about shopping for wholesale appliance parts online with us is that we provide fast shipping throughout the US, reasonable prices, and superior quality products that they cannot expect to find elsewhere.

We offer an extensive range of branded appliance parts. All you have to do is place an order online with a click of a button and the appliance part of your choice will be delivered to your doorstep.

A huge reason why our appliance parts store is popular is that we ship most parts anywhere within the country in 24 hours. Hence, you do not have to wait to receive the appliance parts.

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At USA Parts and More, all you need to do is give us your appliance model number. Shortly after you reach out to us, we will let you know the exact part that is needed by your appliance and also offer you the best market price. We have over 8 million appliance parts available for all your appliance needs. If you are unable to find your parts, kindly call or message us and we will gladly upload it for you.

The brands That We Work with Include

We work with all types of brands such as the following:

Browse for wholesale appliance parts online on our store. Each appliance part has been sourced from original manufacturers who have listed with us. If you are unable to find the parts that you need, you can let us know and we would be delighted to it arranged for you. We will connect with our network of local suppliers to source the part. 

To request for the desired part from our network of local supplier, you have to let us know the product model number along with the part you need. You can chat with our online representative through live chat or contact us at +1 (561) 200-6095.

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Order Appliance Parts at Wholesale Rates

An appliance breakdown can be unsettling. If you are freelancing the appliance repair services or even running a home appliance store, you can stock just about every type of spare part you need from reputed brands with us.

With USA Parts and More, you can expect plenty of benefits. What you need to do is simply place a wholesale order of the appliance parts you need, namely:

  • Search for premium brands with us such as LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, and General Electric USA parts.
  • Choose from our wide range of premium quality products at affordable prices.
  • We normally dispatch the orders within the same day or 24 hours from the moment you place an order on our best online appliance parts store.
  • Pick the parts nearest to your location. We have 18 warehouses and 5 distribution centers in the US. This is why you should be able to find a distribution center near your location.
  • Payments are accepted through most major debit and credit cards as well as PayPal.
  • Our customers can always encouraged to seek expert advice for finding the right appliance parts of any other brand including General Electric USA parts. Take advantage our live chat capabilities to chat with one of our customer representatives.

We are widely known for being the most reliable platforms in the US to purchase all types of appliance parts and accessories. You can visit our website to shop for the best appliance parts now.

Why USA Parts and More

Next Day Delivery Option and Standard Delivery Option (within 5 days) Are Available

Provide an Impressive Customer Service

More than 8 million high-quality, OEM products to select from

30-days Easy Replacement and Return Policy

Why Do Appliances Break Down?

There are various reasons behind an appliance such as a refrigerator, air conditioner, or any other appliance providing an unsatisfactory performance as mentioned below. 

  • It makes loud noises.
  • The motor becomes very hot.
  • There is water leaking.
  • The appliance being unable to serve the desired function (i.e. keeping items cools).
  • Trouble closing or opening.
  • Inability to complete the task properly.

Generally, you will have to contact a technician to get your appliance fixed. But, if it is cannot be repaired, you might need to consider replacing the faulty part(s) to get the appliance working again. Instead of rushing to the nearest store, you can simply order appliances parts from USA Parts and More.

From General Electric USA parts to the Samsung refrigerator parts and everything in between, you can rest assured knowing that everything is available on our online store. We are always well-stocked and ready to ship appliance parts. Therefore, you do have to look elsewhere can proceed with placing an order.

Order General Electric USA parts online and get your delivery the next day. It does not get better than this.

Some Common Appliance Parts Explained

Before you replace the faulty part that is stopping your appliance from working properly, it is crucial that you learn about the common appliance parts. We provide all types of spare parts that an appliance requires to function effectively and efficiently such as.

  1. Compressor:

The compressor an integral part of the refrigerator. It helps with cooling the refrigerator and is located behind the refrigerator. The compressor is also one of the refrigerator parts that uses the most electricity unlike the condenser. However, the refrigerator would only be a wardrobe without one.

  1. Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the cooling liquid is the cooling part that spreads inside both the air conditioner and the refrigerator. The electric motor works with the refrigerant to recirculate the air through the internal parts.

  1. Expansion Valve:

An internal part of the air conditioner that is just as important is the refrigerant is the expansion valve. It functions in the same way as the condenser. The expansion valve is necessary for dealing with the dispersed heat when the refrigerant leaves the condenser. The principles behind combined gas law are applied to make use of the expansion valve. It helps decrease the temperature and pressure for cooling.

  1. The Condenser Coil

The next appliance part that you need to know about is the condenser coil. It is the outdoor air conditioning unit. It receives high temperature, high pressure refrigerant from the compressor and is the opposite of an evaporator coil. Unlike the condenser coil that contains hot refrigerant, the evaporator coil contains cold refrigerant.

  1. Thermostat

The thermostat is essential for controlling the temperature of a refrigerator. It has a direct connection with the evaporator. It is the round knob that you will find inside the refrigerator and is used for thermostat settings. Only when the desired temperature is reached does it automatically prevent further electricity supply to the compressor. Once the temperature falls to a specific level, it would restart again and send power to the compressor.

  1. Defrost System

For the excess ice that builds up in the freezer to be fully removed, defrosting the refrigerator is necessary. This is where the defrost system comes into place. It does a terrific job at keeping the refrigerator defrosted.  

There are even more parts that are available. You can find them by checking out the best online appliance parts store. Choose the brand and appliance that you need the parts for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most appliance parts are reasonably priced as long as you buy them from an original manufacturer. They also come with a product warranty for peace of mind.

At USA Parts and More, you can order OEM appliance parts from renowned brands such as Samsung, LG, General Electric, and Whirlpool.

Generally, it can be quite expensive to repair an appliance. You should be willing to spend anywhere from $200 to $100 or more on the repairs. If your appliance is leaving a dent in your wallet after having used it for a long time, you should consider buying a new one. You can speak with a technician to find out if replacing the appliance parts would be able to extend its life by a few years.

Replacing an appliance part can be worth it as it only costs a few hundred dollars or even less. It will help improve performance. But, might still encounter problems with your appliance down the road.

Unfortunately, we do not accept returns of used or opened products. This is why we recommend that you reach out to us to help you select the right appliance parts. Simply share the appliance model number and we can find the parts that work best for you.

Contact us at +1 (561) 200-6095 in case you have any questions.