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Top 3 washing machines

Washing machines are essential for almost every household in this day and age. What constitutes a good washing machine? It’s a number of factors. It should make your clothes look clean and smell fresh. It should keep your delicate clothes safe and rinse your towels thoroughly.  In addition to that, a good washing machine should be easy to operate and its spare parts should be readily available.

Finding a washing machine is especially hard these days. Our lives have been jolted on the path of normalcy due to the Covid 19 pandemic. People don’t buy and sell things by thoroughly physically examining them anymore. This is where we come in. We have tested and reviewed many top selling washing machines of famous brands to bring you our list of the top 3 washing model machines  of the year 2020.

Number 3: Electrolux Model # EFLS627UTT

It is a front loader with the dimensions of 27 x 38 x 31.5.  Its total capacity is roughly 4.4 cu. ft.  Its Wash Features are Sanitize and Steam, Extended Refresh, Stain Soak and 15-Minute Fast Wash, and the energy it consumes is 85 kWh/year.

This brilliant machine is priced just under 1000$ and is all about fresh clean washing. It has been tested by multiple reviewers and has passed with flying colors. EFLS627UTT has a dedicated pod dispenser, which means no hassle of clogging pod detergents or it not releasing properly.  Its Adaptive Dispenser pre-mixes the detergent with water in the dispenser which is then released to make sure it is dispensed properly. One thing it lacks is smart-phone app control, that doesn’t make this machine any less smart though.

Number 2: LG Model # WM3900HWA

This one is also a front loader with the size of 39 x 30.2 x 27 inches. With a capacity of 4.5 cu ft. It offers two wash features, namely Allergene and Turbo Wash 360. It can be remotely controlled with a smartphone app and consumes 105 kWh/year.

This is a relatively high end washing machine. Its fast cycles make for a quick, reliable and quiet wash. LG claims that this washing machine uses unique technology to enable it to remove 95% of allergens from the clothes making them safer for asthma and allergy patients.


Number 1: Samsung Model # WF45R6300AW

This is a front loader with the dimensions of 27 x 39 x 31 inches. Its capacity is a decent 4.5 cu. Ft. Some of its unique wash features are Steam Wash, Sanitize and Quick Wash. It can also be remotely controlled via smartphone app and is light on energy, consuming only 95 kWh per year.

The steam wash technology this washing model uses makes extra gentle on your more expensive clothes making them last longer before becoming threadbare. It is priced at a decent 899$ which makes it affordable without cutting back on important features.

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