How to maintain your washing machine

Considered one of the most significant technologies of the 20th century, washing machines are vital for personal hygiene, and maintaining it will help avoid breakdowns. Washing machines revolutionised how we washed and dried our clothes. Not only did save time, but also consumed far less water than manual cleaning.

But like with all appliances, maintaining washing machines is extremely important because their parts can sometimes be difficult to obtain and costly too.

Some tips on how to improve and maintain your washing machine are:


Regularly inspect all external hoses on your washing machines to ensure that there are no obstructions or issues with these components and parts. If you have rubber hoses, it is recommended to replace them with metal or fiberglass, because rubber hoses can expand and break far more easily and could potentially flood your home.

Levelling your machine

Have you ever walked into a house and heard that rumbling sound coming from the laundry room? It is most likely because the washing machine is not levelled. Inside the machine there is a cylinder which spins clockwise and in the front. What most people do not realise, is when the machine is not levelled properly, it will affect the spin. It will make a rattling sound and can even move the machine from its position.

Drain pump filter

Some newer and advanced models like Samsung Washing Machines come with many filters and it is extremely important to keep those filters clean. Depending on your particular model, you can find the emergency drain cap and empty it into a tray. You may have to drain it several times to get everything out. It is recommended to clean the drain pump filter five to six times a year. To understand more about your model and find a right filter for a particular machine, you can visit by clicking here.

Door seal and drum

One of the most common reported damages to a washing machine is the damage to the door seal and drum. Most commonly caused by heavy loads or dragging clothes, a regular check can ensure you are aware if any tear has taken place. Replacing the door seal or the entire door is less expensive than the entire washing machine, which would be the case if a tear goes undetected. The door seal should be cleaned regularly. It is recommended to clean it at least every six to eight weeks. Just use a wet cloth with a non-abrasive cleaner. This will ensure nothing is stuck between the seals, detergent or any small item is not still attached, and if there is a tear, you will be able to see it before it gets worse.

Lastly, one of the components of a washing machine which is the most important part to clean, and often left untouched for months, is the detergent draw. By using a soft brush to clean the drawer recess, any residue and debris left will be cleaned out. After giving it a good clean, leave all the doors and trays open. This will air the machine and will avoid any bad odours from building up.

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