Gas VS Electric Appliances

Picking out new appliances can be fun. However, you have plenty of choices to make. Before you decide on the feature and color of your new appliances, you need to know whether to go with gas or electric. Both offer benefits and there is plenty appliance parts for them. But it is important that you learn more about the differences between these appliances to make the right decision. The good news is that we have prepared the ultimate post that will help you pick out the appliance that suits you best. 

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  5. Should You Get Gas or Electric Appliances?


One of the most important questions that you need to know the answer to is whether gas appliances are cheaper or electric appliances are cheaper. Generally, you will find appliances that use natural gas to be a lot cheaper in comparison to appliances that use electricity. If you select a gas appliance, you can expect to save as much as 30% on your energy bill. However, as much as saving on utility bills comes to mind, you might need to spend more money if you get gas appliances. The reason for this is that your property might only be set up for electric appliances. This means that if you decide to convert to gas, you would have to spend a ton of money. 

If you reroute the gas line and install the gas appliance, you must spend anywhere from $250 to $700 which excludes the cost of the appliance. But it is important that you check to see if you are eligible for any rebates from the utility company if you decide to convert to natural gas. Similarly, if you convert from natural gas to electric, you would also have to pay up for installing an electric line. It would cost you around $350 for an electric line. Converting to another system will always cost you more money. Even though gas appliances cost more, they help you save money in the long run.


The next thing that you need to consider is safety. You must ensure that the appliance you want to purchase is perfectly safe for the entire family. The fact is that both gas and electric appliances pose certain safety hazards. If you opt for gas, your home must have proper ventilation. Otherwise, you would suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning. Besides this, you will also need to get a carbon monoxide alarm if you do not have one and test it regularly. 

On the other hand, an electric appliance has a risk of electrocution and starting a fire if not installed and maintained properly. You will need to make sure that the home wiring system and appliances are kept up to date and used as prescribed.  For those wanting an eco-friendlier option, gas appliances are the way to go. 


Many of us prefer plenty of options before deciding which appliance to get for our home. Selecting between a gas and electric appliance depends on just how picky one is. If you want an appliance that has a long life, the gas would be the best option as gas appliances do not have as many parts and are a lot easier to maintain. 

Electric appliances do a better job when it comes to baking. You will find electric ovens to heat more evenly. Anyone who is new to cooking or baking should select an electric appliance as it would be easier to use and clean. Most new electric appliance models have smooth tops that are easier to handle. Generally, both gas and electric appliances are similar enough for the average cook and for both we are the best online appliance parts store


Although gas washing machines are no longer as common as they used to be since they have been replaced with high-efficiency electric washers, it does not mean that you cannot find gas dryers. A gas dryer will cost more money but will offer substantial savings in terms of energy costs. Besides this, a gas dryer does an incredible job at drying clothes and uses less energy. It does use minimal electricity, unlike an electric dryer which depends on electricity. An electric dryer is also more affordable. It might be the right choice for those on a budget and not searching for something long-term. A gas dryer also requires a vent to be placed outside that can be easily find on Whirlpool parts store, whereas, there are some electric dryers that do not. 

Should You Get Gas or Electric Appliances?

Deciding whether to get gas or electric appliances is anything but easy. If you do not want to pay for any renovations and just want to replace appliances, you will need to go with the appliances that are suitable for the hookups of the property. 

On the other hand, anyone creating a new home or wanting to convert will benefit from more options. Regardless of which type of appliance you get, you must conduct extensive research before deciding which appliance brand to go with. Always focus on functionality and cost to make the right decision. If you have any inquiry, you can check our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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